The Dual Browser Technique

The Dual Browser Technique – Using both Chrome plus Brave to achieve the perfect separation of work/home.

I have a work life and a personal life, and an office computer and a home computer. Keeping it all straight has been a perpetual challenge (nightmare). This technique takes advantage of Chrome and Brave’s nearly identical functionality and their ability to sync between multiple computers.

Here’s my solution!

  1. Install Chrome and Brave on each computer.
  2. Set both browsers to ‘sync.’
  3. Establish Chrome as your work profile browser by logging in using your work email.
  4. Establish Brave as your personal profile browser using your personal email.
  5. Set each browser to a different background color.

All extensions should work on both browsers, but you may need to manually install a few. You can now easily alt-tab between Chrome/Work and Brave/Home and immediately know which mode you are in by the color, no matter which computer you are using. And everything stays in sync.

Expert Tip: You can drag and drop bookmark folders and files between browsers!

Enjoy your new work/life balance.

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