Bitcoin Minimalist v2.0

Periodically, I have published The Bitcoin Minimalist toolkit, (see v1.0). The pace of change in Bitcoin/Lightning tools and the variety has accelerated greatly, so its time for a new one. In this version I also list the reason for each choice.

FIAT On/Off Ramp

Strike for purchasing smaller amounts of Bitcoin with USD – very low… More

The Dual Browser Technique

The Dual Browser Technique – Using both Chrome plus Brave to achieve the perfect separation of work/home.

I have a work life and a personal life, and an office computer and a home computer. Keeping it all straight has been a perpetual challenge (nightmare). This technique takes advantage of Chrome and Brave’s nearly identical… More

Welcome to Nostr

Nostr is overwhelming. It may seem to be just spam and noise. Don’t give up. Nostr matters. Here’s a very short guide to help you survive day one and ‘get’ why some people think Nostr will be important.

  • Get Keys and an Address (NIP-05) like (Alby includes Lightning wallet and key management)
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