Welcome to the Sideways Nostr microsite.

Nostr is a new simple, open, decentralized communications protocol that is potentially revolutionary.

Nostr is also the fastest-growing communications protocol in history. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, Square, and Block, donated 14 Bitcoin on December 15, 2022, to support early development. There is already a Nostr Conference planned for March 19-21,2023, in Costa Rica.

Nostr could replace products like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok with non-corporate versions. And developers don’t need anyone’s permission to build stuff on Nostr.

We plan to use Nostr extensively as the social component of Sideways.

Here are some helpful links:

Quick Start




Nostr Quickstart (4 Minutes)

  1. Get your nostr keys (e.g:0ac055ff204b61cba1eec3fe78484c0db53317c4b7e318db4f3520449e3e3809)
  2. Get your nostr id (NIP-05). (e.g.
  3. Get a client: web client Iris and/or iOS client Damus
  4. Migrate follows from Twitter
  5. Please follow me

Please note there are many other paths you could take to get to nostr. I have tried many of them. This path was selected because it is fast, easy, and free.

Nostr RSS

I created a Nostr pubkey from an RSS feed using the RSSlay converter:

pubkey: d240bfb1d8133f01f058dc6725cbd0d37794fdf68797b151f6d933939653fb11

Try it yourself here:

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