Nostrica Food

  1. Uvita
    1. Visit to see a list of all restaurants that accept BTC in the area. There’s a ton.
    2. Seba’s recently opened featuring Argentinian style over wood fire. Chef is an award winning TV chef
    3. Indomitos vegetarian restaurant
    4. SIBU (btc accepted)
    5. Mosaic Wine Bar & Cafe (btc accepted)
    6. Whale’s Tail Brewery (btc accepted)
    7. Five Maes (btc accepted)
    8. El Tabernaco Mexican (btc accepted)
    9. Ristorante Por El Camino (btc accepted)
    10. Falafel Uvita (btc accepted)
    11. Beehive Mediterranean
    12. La Choza de Alejo TexMex
    13. Gusto italiano
    14. Le French Cafe
    15. Pizza Time
    16. Tribu (btc accepted)
    17. La Fogata
    18. Vista Ballena Restaurant (amazing view)
    19. Scala ($$$$)
    20. Shak’Shuka Moroccan (btc accepted) (in neighboring dominical)
    21. La Parcela (in neighboring dominical)
    22. Fuego Brewery (btc accepted) (in neighboring dominical)
    23. Mono Congo Cafe (btc accepted) (in neighboring dominical)
    24. Phat Noodle (btc accepted) (in neighboring dominical)
    25. Citrus (in neighboring Ojochal)
    26. Restaurante Tilapia el Pavon (in neighboring Ojochal)
    27. Heliconia (in neighboring Ojochal)
    28. The Private Chef (catering company)
    29. Segura’s Butcher Shop (btc accepted)
      1. Talked with Alejandro (manager), says 2 week notice for a 100-400kg beef order is sufficient
    30. Booch’s Kombucha (whatsapp only)
    31. COPIED FROM Google Doc and Updated