Nostr Clients

One great thing about Nostr’s open protocol is that any developer can write a client. The creativity and the innovation are truly amazing. Listed below are a few clients with my short, totally biased opinion on each.


NostrGram My favorite client. The UI/UX derives directly from the Nostr spec. So once you understand one you understand the other. Great on a big screen. Developed by the incredibly productive Jonathan Leger.

Snort Very clean minimalist design. Great on mobile browser. Good for beginners because you won’t be overwhelmed by noise. Excellent integration of single relay selection to further limit the noise.

iris Clear UX, best design for settings and profile. Also developing iOS and Android apps.

astral Complex UI. Great for developers with built-in dev tools.

Habla Unique client focused on long-form Nostr content. Nice change of pace.

blogstack Another client focused on long-form. Good note creation window for writing/editing your long-form notes.

iOS / Apple

Damus Just out of TestFlight Beta is this excellent iPhone client. I still can’t figure out how to create an account using my existing public key, without creating a new private key. If you are just starting with Nostr, start here, get your private key, and then integrate you public key with other clients. Someone correct if I am just missing something.


I don’t have an Android phone right now, so no direct experience, but here’s what is available:

Amethyst Seems to have pretty good reviews.

Iris I don’t think this is a fully native android client, but rather a semi-native browser adaptation.

I expect a flood of new Nostr Android clients in the very near future.

Published March 1, 2023.