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Learn Bitcoin Lightning

We are a digital publisher specializing in Bitcoin Lightning. Everything we publish is designed to help you learn about Bitcoin Lightning. This is a rapidly evolving space. Traditional print publishing does not move nearly fast enough to keep up with the pace of Bitcoin Lightning developments. We plan to experiment with various forms of integrated multimedia publishing: text, graphics, audio, video, etc.

Pay with Lightning

We are also experimenting with an entirely new business model, not surprisingly based on selling our content using Lightning micropayments. The site is totally advertising and subscription-free. Bitcoin Lightning enables micropayments that are nearly instant and nearly free of transaction costs. This allows us to sell content at low prices that would have been impossible using old-school payment systems like Visa/Mastercard/Paypal. We ONLY accept Lighting payments.

Free Samples

How this works. You can read the beginning of any post for free. If the sample post is of interest you simply scan (or cut and paste) the on-screen QR code with any Lightning wallet and the remainder of the post becomes instantly visible.

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