How Sideways Works

We Sell Everything,

Our current concept is very simple. Authors publish their creations on Sideways. People buy their stuff. It is a traditional age-old standard retail model. We plan to support all forms of digital content: text, image, audio, video, and software. We plan to include content of all kinds: fiction, comics, infographics, music, movies, utilities, libraries, and programs.

But Only for Bitcoin.

We only accept Bitcoin/Lightning for payment, allowing us to sell products at extremely low cost – often pennies ($0.01) or less. Transaction fees are nearly zero and virtually instant because we use the Lightning Network. All you need is a lightning wallet. If you don’t already have one, here is a list with recommendations. Our content is the product we sell, not your personal information or your attention through advertisements. NO personal information is required to make a purchase, only a lightning wallet with a few sats.

Change is Good !

Our model allows us to experiment with different concepts, such as pay-per-read, pay-per-download, and variations of Value4Vaue. We will continuously experiment with different approaches and new technologies.

One new technology we are attempting to integrate is Nostr – an open, decentralized communications platform. We hope to use it as a platform for discussion, feedback, and support.

Authors Wanted

If you are interested in publishing your creations on Sideways, please check out our Authors page.