Event Setup

Add our dedicated Relay to your client: wss://nostrica.nostrnotes.com

Any Nostr client will work. Yay, open protocols!

Snort has a nice feature where you can select Global and then limit your feed to one relay. Snort has a simple #hashtag filter https://snort.social/t/Nostrica for notes tagged with #nostrica.

Coracle is a newer relay with an enhanced focus on relays- give it a try.

For a montage view of the event, use NostrGram. And this is why Nostr is so amazing!

If you want to contribute, enable the write function for our relay. If you only want to follow, disable write and enable read.

Follow Us

Please also follow us at:

sideways@nostrplebs.com npub1qg4egndr992dc5m4lqme2wv5lkzkgjn23g7sxmlu9s7nflmnxaxqkpul80