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  • Bitcoin Minimalist v2.0
    #Bitcoin Minimalist toolkit v2.0 = @Strike, @krakenfx, @Ledger, @getAlby, @walletofsatoshi. And the reasons why…
  • The Dual Browser Technique
    The Dual Browser Technique – Using both Chrome plus Brave to achieve the perfect separation of work/home. I have a work life and a personal life, and an office computer and a home computer. Keeping it all straight has been a perpetual challenge (nightmare). This technique takes advantage of Chrome and Brave’s nearly identical functionality … Read more
  • Paid Bitcoin Internships
    Saylor Academy announces paid #Bitcoin virtual internships.
  • Welcome to Nostr
    Nostr is overwhelming. It may seem to be just spam and noise. Don’t give up. Nostr matters. Here’s a very short guide to help you survive day one and ‘get’ why some people think Nostr will be important. That’s enough for now.
  • Why I’m Betting Big on Nostr Too
    Every once in a while, you read a piece that almost perfectly focuses your own still blurry thoughts on a difficult topic that you want to stand back in awe and simply applaud; Max Webster’s recent post ‘Why I’m Betting Big on Nostr’ is just such a moment. Please go read it now, and then … Read more