Alby adds Multiple Nostr Keys

Alby just keeps getting better – adding support for multiple accounts each with its own Nostr key pairs.

Previously, you could have multiple Lightning accounts with separate Bitcoin balances, but they shared a Nostr key.


Nostr Relays

Nostr relays send and receive Stuff (yes, that is the official term, its the S in NoStr) to subscribed clients. Clients generally subscribe to multiple Relays (that’s the R in NostR). Relays can be designed and deployed for different purposes and with different functions. Relay development is the most critical and exciting space… More

Nostr Project – iOS Browser Client

It is taking a long time for Nostr iOS app, Damus, to get through the Apple approval process. Having lived in that space for years, the process can easily become a nightmare. So how about building a Nostr client that is designed from the ground up to run in the iOS web browser.… More

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